Spy photos show surprising new details about the upcoming MINI Countryman. We highlight the changes from the Crossman concept inside.

Spies have picked up the upcoming MINI Countryman and Countryman S during roadside testing, possibly in California.  Some notable differences were spotted when comparing this to the Crossman concept that debuted last year.

First, we see the upcoming crossover with a new front bumper that appears to keep a wider separation between the top and bottom grille sections.  Also, both halves appear to have taken on new shapes that -when combined with the apparent new angle of the headlights- practically does away with the typical grinning-face we have become accustomed to seeing on the new MINI.

This could be both good and bad for MINI.  On the one hand, they risk alienating their current fan base with the new design.  On the other hand, they may be able to expand their customer base to clients who only want a more "manly" looking vehicle.  We will withold final judgment until we see the machine without camo.

It also appears that this model has indicators built into the side mirrors, and foglights that are a bit more sunken into the bumper.  A carefully timed picture taken from behind shows the SAV with a vertical hatch, as opposed to the horizontal doors that were present on the concept.  This ties the SAV more with the Cooper, and less with the Clubman.

While the concept was called the "Crossman", BMW has apparently registered the Countryman name.  The alleged final name of the upcoming crossover, along with a production version, should be revealed in Frankfurt this September.

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