Hockenheim's exit from the formula one calendar is not yet for certain, the prime minister of the local Baden-Wurttemberg region insists.

The circuit has said next year's race will be called off if a solution to race losses of multiple millions of euros is not found.

PM Gunther Oettinger was due to meet with F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone about the situation last weekend at the Nurburgring, but amid the Hitler interview controversy another official instead stepped in.

Since then, the Nurburgring has said it is not willing to host the German grand prix every year, also for financial reasons, meaning Germany could be missing from the 2010 calendar.

Despite appearances the fate of next year's race is sealed, Oettinger insists there is still "movement" in the situation.

On a visit to the ATP tennis tournament the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, he added that the negotiations will be concluded within "the next four to six weeks".

He said the outcome is not a foregone conclusion. "The result is completely open," Oettinger said.