RENNtech has created a new "plug and play" ECU upgrade module.

Dubbed the R.A.T (RENNtech Auto Tuner), the performance module connects directly to the ECU via the OBD II port. This effectively makes installation a simple one-step process by eliminating the need to remove (or bypass) the stock ECU.

The RAT comes preprogrammed with a variety of RENNtech software which is designed for the ME2.7.1 and ME2.8.1 ECUs used on the E55 AMG and 2006 or earlier, Mercedes V12 turbos. When the RAT is first connected to the OBD II port, it decides which software should be used for that particular vehicle.

Should an owner find the RENNtech performance a tad too aggressive for daily use, they can simply hit a switch on the RAT and revert back to a stock setup. Other unique features include an ECU backup (in case of an interruption during programming) and the availability of custom tuning software for owners willing to use 100-octane fuel.

See press release below for further details.

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