Stefano Domenicali has refused to rule out the possibility that Sebastian Vettel will one day reside a Ferrari cockpit.

The widespread rumour of the moment is that Fernando Alonso is the closest outsider to a seat with the famous Italian team.

But when asked about 22-year-old Vettel, a two-time winner in 2009 for Red Bull Racing, Ferrari's team principal answered: "Never say never.

"I like him very much; his character is very positive and independent," Ferrari's team principal said of the German youngster.

"For his age he is far ahead both technically and mentally," Domenicali told Germany's Auto Bild.

The Italian acknowledged that Michael Schumacher, Ferrari's most successful driver in history and now an advisor to the Maranello team, holds his compatriot in high regard.

"He has no doubts about how good Sebastian is," Domenicali said.

Domenicali was cautious when asked about the candidacy as the FIA's next president of Jean Todt, his predecessor as Ferrari team principal.

"Jean was my boss and I know that he was very good when it came to matters about formula one. More I cannot say," he answered.