Rizk Automobile's RA sports car features a classic design with highly modern chassis and body materials.

Rizk Automobile certainly like to take their inspirations from both the past and the future.

Here they have their RA sports car, laden with impossibly modern technologies, yet taking the form of an old LeMans racer.

The company has modeled the RA on the 1957 Aston Martin DBR2 LeMans racer, except making it somewhat bigger and...well, using entirely new materials instead of plain old steel.

As for that body sculpture, the press release says Rizk Automobile want to take design back to an "era of sensuous curves" that are inspired by the "female form". If you prefer classic design to contemporary, you should fully appreciate what they mean by that.

The RA features a space-frame chassis made of carbon monocoque. Yes, this we have seen before. What comes next is a little unique, though.

Rizk uses a material called Carbon-Nomex for the body panels (carbon panels with Nomex honeycomb). It has energy absorption and shear properties, is fire retardant and has a pretty high strength-to-weight ratio.

The RA also features Aerogel, an insulation material developed by NASA and used in the Mars rover.

The car is built at an aircraft facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

That's the techno-geek stuff.

Power and transmission?

Power will come from a far less exotic Jaguar straight-six or V12 engine, or a LS3 V8 engine borrowed from Corvette.

Also quite earthly is the 5-speed manual box for the Jaguar engines. A 6-speed manual and automatic are on offer with the LS3 V8.

Price for the model pictured here is 180,000 US dollars, or 128,000 euros.


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