It's a match made in heaven.

Two emblematic Swedish companies have teamed up to create a stunning photo session with two supercars. Koenigsegg and famed medium-format camera maker Hasselblad have joined forces to create “a match made in heaven.”

Ming Thein, Chief of Strategy at Hasselblad, with his team of professional photographers took some “extreme” photos of two models of the automaker, on locations in and around Ängelholm in the province of Skane in Sweden. The shooting took place in May and June this year when the weather was more balanced and the light was appropriate.

Recent news from Koenigsegg:

The team used three drones from DJI and one of it was actually the largest photographic drone available on the market today. In addition to on location photos, the photographers also visited the factory of the brand to document the behind-the-scenes process of building a car.

“At this point I have to apologize for the lack of behind the scenes images – the video covers that, I think – simply because I was much too focused on shooting in the narrow windows of opportunity we had, and the crew was busy prepping and supporting the aircraft,” Thein explains in a post on his webpage. “Finished results will be shown over the next few days in a pair of photo essays.”

Koenigsegg Hasselblad photo session
Koenigsegg Hasselblad photo session
Koenigsegg Hasselblad photo session

As Koenigsegg describes it, this is indeed a match made in heaven, for many reasons. Apart from the fact that the two companies are based in Sweden, they are both “benchmarks in their respective industry and dedicated to continuous improvement,” always “pushing boundaries” to remain among “the best in their respective field.”

As a final note, just to give you a glimpse of how big Hasselblad is in the industry, we’ll remind you that the images taken on the Moon in 1969 were taken with a Hasselblad camera, which is still the only camera to have made it to the surface of the Earth's only permanent natural satellite.

Koenigsegg and Ming Thein

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