Opel has announced Meriva production has hit the one million unit mark.

The milestone occurred yesterday, as a rather ordinary 1.3-liter CDTI Meriva ecoFlex rolled off the production line in Zaragoza, Spain. Having been in production since 2003, Opel credits the Meriva's success to the innovative FlexSpace system which allows for easy reconfiguration of the interior for maximum cargo capacity.

According to Opel's Vice President, Alain Visser, "(The) Meriva has been beloved by customers - from singles to families to seniors - not only for its practicality, versatility and great looks, but also its reliability. German independent consultants TÜV recognized the Meriva with a "Best Quality."

As we have previously reported, Opel is preparing to launch a redesigned Meriva next year. While details are still limited, the 2010 Meriva will feature a unique rear-hinged FlexDoor system which will allow for improved access to the cabin.


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