Video of the Tata Nano's first European crash tests has been distributed, and we must say it is fun to watch the little car hurled into a wall.

Here at WorldCarFans, we'll use any excuse to show things get "blow'd up real good" (to quote John Candy's "Billy Sol Hurok").  Thus, we bring you this short video of a Tata Nano launched against an obstacle during crash testing.

Two modified versions of the tiny car were used in these tests in the UK, showing the potential for a Euro-spec version of the vehicle.  Although the company acknowledges that an unmodified version of the Nano would not be able to pass the tests, the company's head of engineering, Clive Hickman, said, "The basic car was never designed to come to Europe."

The test vehicles were crashed in a 50 km/h side impact collission, and a 56 km/h offset frontal impact test.  Factory installed modifications included additional foam at the cant rail, reinforcements across the length of the body, and more girth built into the front bumper and two front doors.

Test examiner Nic Fasci said, "It looks no different from other cars doing this test. It’s a good crash."  Fasci works with the Vehicle Certification Agency in the United Kingdom.

Passing these tests are the first step in bringing the Tata Nano to European shores by 2012.  These same standards will eventually be enforced by the Indian government.  A North American version is also a possibility.  Future versions of the Nano could include standard airbags, and increases to the length and width to accommodate the modifications.'

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