Milner Motors showed a design study of a four-door, four-seat flying car called the AirCar at the New York Auto Show.

Like any major auto exposition, the New York Auto Show hosted some flights of fancy, the most literal of which is the Milner Motors AirCar.  This four-door design study is the handiwork of alternative-transportation specialists Milner Motors, and the company has plans to develop the AirCar for possible production.

The notion of a flying car has been around for years, of course, and the AirCar is a modern take on the concept.  The long, airplane-like body--or should we say fuselage?--features a folding wing and tail set that enable it to be driven on the road, and retractable front canard.  The front wheels extend on A-arm suspension components, while the rears are retractable.  Milner Motors says that the AirCar has the same footprint as a Honda Civic, but it looks quite a bit larger in person.  The narrow 54" cabin will hold four passengers and features a flat-panel instrument panel display for air or ground.

The prototype is an unfinished design study that lacks a powertrain, complete interior or even working flaps on the wings, but Milner Motors says it hopes to power this vehicle with a pair of propellers or ducted fans producing 300 horsepower, with a separate 40-horse powertrain for on the ground travel.  A 200-mph air cruising speed and a 1000-mile range are projected, as is a $450,000 price.

There are no production plans at this point; the company hasn't even flown a prototype yet.  For all of you who occasionally wonder when the flying cars of 1950s science fiction will appear however, be advised that the dream is still alive!  

Milner Motors Air Car