Iconic super car, the Dodge Viper is up for sale. American tuners Saleen and Roush are among potential buyers hoped to turn the brand around.

Chrysler claims that interested parties in its Dodge Viper pet project are lining up like F1 teams circling around Sebastian Vettel. President of Chrysler Jim Press reckons there are plenty of opportunities for a potential Viper buyer to expand the range. No ideas were provided for these opportunities, but we can certainly offer one or two ideas of our own, like a smaller, BMW Z4/Audi TT-sized Viper for example which they can call Vibe (we can talk about royalties later), or a sedan version running alongside Cadillac CTS-Vs. Hell, even a hybrid Viper is possible these days. The obvious question to Press and his team would be “if these or any other opportunities exist to expand the Viper range and make it profitable, why sell it? Why not make it work yourselves?” Anyway, according to reports potential buyers include icons Roush and Saleen, names already known for their tuning and small-scale manufacturing expertise. Saleen is already part of the Viper-production process; they paint the vehicles off the assembly line. We wouldn’t be surprised if buyers from other countries like the UK, Saudi Arabia and India showed interest too. Chrysler could make anything between USD50 million and USD150 million by the time it sells Viper in 2011. Again we ask, if hypothetically Viper disappeared off the face of the earth, would you as a world car fan, shed a tear?

Chrysler Viper Sale Going Ahead