MR Car Design is a tuner based in Erftstadt which is a town 20km east of Cologne in Germany. On top of being an exhaust specialist they have also tuned a number of cars for customers and are now turning their attention to the Golf VI GTI. Equipped with a €1,529 KW-thread-sport suspension the car now sits 50mm lower and the front and 40mm lower at the rear.

Oxigin 14 wheels with sizes 8.5x19 and 9.5x19 are fitted. They roll on 225/35-19 tyres. MR Car Design also took care of stopping power by using a €2,999 Stoptech high performance brake system with 4-piston calipers and slotted brake discs as well as a brake caliper air vent plug. A custom sport exhaust system is fitted. Optionally buyers can get a downpipe with a sport catalytic converter.

The engine has been optimised by using MRCD software which comes at a cost of €949. Peak power goes from 155kW (211hp) up to 191kW (260hp). At the same time torque shows a greater improvement from 280Nm to 380Nm. Thanks in no small part to the GTI's XDS traction system the FWD car goes from 0 - 100m/h in 5.8 seconds and achieves a 263km/h (163mph) top speed. The tuner reckons it is quite a drivable car even on an everyday basis and it returns a good average fuel consumption figure.


Gallery: Golf VI GTI performance upgrades by MR Car Design

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