The Bentley Boys USA have announced a concept car based on the 1964 Bentley S3 E. To be built and sold from 2009, the car carries all of Bentley’s sporty luxury philosophies using a modified 1960s body meshed with 2008 high technology.

So there we were, 1964, down the open road on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Nat King Cole singing “I don’t Want to be Hurt Anymore”, the graphic equalizers on the two LCD monitors show the bass guitar to be a little too high on the notes. It’s all hard to notice too much though, thanks to the little rumble under the ‘hood, a 4.4-litre V8 borrowed from German automaker BMW. Cool dual air conditioning is keeping heads sane, while the leather and suede interior is built for comfort as well as speed. Huh?

Lovely dream it is, but technically possible, thanks to the Bentley Boys USA, and specifically Arturo Alonso who is an engineer and automotive visionary. These guys are working on very exclusive machinery in the guise of a 2009 Bentley S3-based concept. Although it will use the original body and chassis, some modern additions have taken place. These include the use of that 4.4-litre BMW V8 with close to 300 horsepower running inside it, a 5-speed ZF BMW automatic transmission, custom-made stainless steel exhaust pipe with two rear mufflers and double tips. The forged wheels you see measure a decent 20 X 9.5 inch and will have 275/40/20 Continental Sport tires wrapped around them.

Alonso and his colleagues are going to build only three of these special, extremely exclusive and unique vehicles, each of them at eight month intervals, kinda like three human babies of the same family, born consecutively. The asking price, if you insist on knowing, is estimated at around USD150,000 each. No problem. The target customer who live in cash-rich metroplitan cities like Dubai, Johannesburg, New York City, London and Moscow will probably find the value proposition being made here.

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