This and two other videos were sent to us by Jaguar. They show examples of the new XJ on a public street after they left the Saatchi Gallery this past Friday. That was the day after being unveiled in front of dignitaries, business people and celebrities like Jay Leno and Elle McPherson.

The video clips are of watchable quality but they were clearly not shot by a professional team nor should they being used in proper marketing material. For instance there is a fair bit of shaking on the part of the camera operator. The other point of interest is the seemingly mixed reaction to the cars from the "man on the street". Some people just walk past it without so much as a glance while others take a look. One man in a suit even approaches while the cars are stationary at the traffic light, but has to back off at the last minute as they start moving again.

Nevertheless the beautiful cat looks well poised to sell in good numbers if priced correctly. It seems Jaguar finally has an XJ fit enough to take the fight to the ruling Germans, at least from its interior and exterior looks, as well as its lineup of firepower.


Gallery: New 2010 Jaguar XJ on the streets of London [video]

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