New injection system works by increasing vaporization making combustion more efficient. Nissan says the system is better for smaller displacement engines than direct-injection and offers improved fuel economy of about 4 percent.

Nissan has announced a new Duel Injector System that will help increase the fuel efficiency of its small-displacement, gasoline/petrol engines.

The new twin injector system works by channeling fuel to two intake ports, instead of only one per cylinder. The process works by improving vaporization and reducing the diameter of the fuel droplets by about 60 percent, making combustion more efficient.

Nissan claims it will adopt this system for small-displacement engines instead of a direct-injection system which would be difficult to apply to smaller power plants. The Duel Injector System, Nissan says, is simpler and takes up less space compared to a direct-injection system which uses high-pressure pumps to inject fuel into a cylinder at elevated pressure levels to improve combustion.

The Duel Injector system also features continuous valve timing control in the exhaust to reduce pump losses and improve heat efficiency.

The Japanese automaker says the system will raise fuel economy by up to 4 percent.

Nissan will be introducing the new system on some of its models early in 2010.




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