Audi has won the World Performance Car of they Year Award and has taken the Design of the Year award too.

Audi is beginning to fairly dominate the World Car of the Year Awards. The Ingolstadt automaker has just won itself two major awards at the international competition; World Performance Car and Car Design of the Year. It is now two years in a row that Audi has bagged these two awards; last year it was the RS 4 and TT respectively that got the final nod. Just to cement its place the R8 was pitted against sibling A5 as well as the Mazda2, winner of the overall WCOTY Award for 2008.

The R8 has left each person lucky enough to get their grubby paws on it in sheer awe of its talents as a performer that not only delivers oozes of raw, edgy tyre-shredding Newtons on the road, but also as a well-balanced everyday car that almost goes anywhere where roads are paved. We know that a car from the same extended family (no names need mentioning) has owned this label since before forever, yet now R8 is going with it freely…

Using the same 4.2-litre V8, 420 bhp/309kW power unit found inside the RS 4, the R8 is said to force its way into the 100km/h mark from zero in a straight 4.7 seconds. And thanks to Quattro, even folks in Iceland and Alaska can drive one.

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