If you can't decided whether to buy a car or a motorcycle, maybe you can keep both with the Cirbin V13R, a reverse trike that starts at US$ 39,995.

Some people just love the pleasure a motorcycle offers, but find it difficult to ride one in everyday life. Some other love cars, but would like to count on a more rational way of moving around since five or more places are useless. For these people, who would like to join the advantages of a car and a motorcycle, there is a new option on the market: the Cirbin V13R.

Powered by a Harley-Davidson Revolution 60° V-Twin engine, able to deliver 125 hp, this machine can surely accelerate fast, since it weighs only 475 kg, but no performance numbers have been informed by Cirbin. The company only says the V13R is fast enough to get the driver into trouble, both with the law and with the eventual lack of ability someone may have to handle a powerful vehicle.

The V13R is not exactly short: it is 3.53 m long. A Ford Ka is 9 cm longer, at 3.62 m, but it has room for four passengers. The wheelbase is also considerably big for this sort of vehicle: 2.45 m. This length is very likely due to handling matters, or else, to make the trike’s behavior more predictable, considering it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Besides being reasonably long, the V13R is also very wide (1.99 m) and low (only 11 cm of ground clearance and 1.07 m of total height).

The sports soul of the Cirbin V13R is also denounced by the wheels (17” in front and 18” at the rear, respectively with 205/45 ZR17 and 295/35 ZR18 tyres) and by the sequential gearbox (with a reverse gear).

Another advantage motorcycles have over cars, the price, has not been extended to the V13R. Its price will start at US$ 39,995 in the USA and Canada and may rise according to the options the buyer chooses, such as rear sidebags and radio compartment.

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