Skoda fan or not, the idea behind the video is simply clever.

Taking into account the company was born in 1895, it goes without saying the Skoda Museum in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic has a lot to show. It doesn’t include just cars as in the early days of Skoda, back when it was known as Laurin & Klement after its founding fathers, the area of expertize only included bicycles before moving to motorcycles and then switching to actual cars.

The latest ad attempts to narrow down Skoda’s 122-year history to a sweet two-minute video shot at the museum. The protagonists, one in a lovely first-generation Octavia RS and the other in a Kodiaq, have infiltrated into the museum, prompting the security guard to have a lookise at what’s going on.

A Magical Night at the Skoda Museum
A Magical Night at the Skoda Museum

We get to see not only how the company has made the transition from two to four wheels, but also at how the logo has evolved throughout the years. Needless to say, the two actors chosen for this ad bear a resemblance to Václav Laurin and Václav Klement and they end up burning rubber to create Skoda's current logo on the museum's floor. These days, Skoda is paying tribute to its origins by naming its range-topping trim Laurin & Klement introduced towards the end of 1999 on the first-gen modern Octavia.

The video is not just about Skodas of the past and present as it also provides a glimpse into the brand’s future by showing the Vision E. The all-electric concept signals the EV agenda set to kick off in 2020 with the first-ever fully electric model and will be followed by four other zero-emissions cars by the middle of the next decade. Until then, the first electrified Skoda will be the flagship Superb destined to receive a plug-in hybrid version in 2019 together with the Kodiaq SUV.

From the 130 RS to the modern Vision concepts, the video is an excellent expression of Skoda’s heritage, from its humble beginnings as a bicycle manufacturer to a very popular automaker showing signs of growth with each passing year under Volkswagen's umbrella.

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