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Hyundai is taking an unconventional route to a hybrid future by unveiling their new Elantra LPI HEV (Liquefied Petroleum Injected Hybrid Electric Vehicle) for the domestic market.

Like the Kia Forte LPI Hybrid, which debuted at the Seoul Motor Show, the Elantra LPI HEV features a 114 hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder LPI engine with a 15kW (20 hp) electric motor. While the car isn't exactly quick (0-100km/h takes 11.7 seconds), it boasts a fuel economy rating of 17.8 km/l (41.9 mpg). According to Hyundai, the typical commuter would save 1.35 million won ($1,100 USD/€792) by buying the Elantra LPI HEV instead of a standard Elantra (assuming they drive 20,000km/12,427miles a year).

To maximize its efficiency, the Elantra features an automatic engine start/stop system and an "Eco Guide" driving coach which offers advice via the instrument cluster. If that sounds a little bland (it is), the car also boasts a special Eco-Drive function which "maximizes fuel efficiency by reducing sharp fluctuations in the torque, increasing the use of electric motor assist and electric charge regeneration when brakes are applied."

Three different trim levels will be offered, with pricing starting at 20.5 million won ($16,180 USD/€11,645). Hyundai hopes to sell at least 7,500 units this year, but there are currently no plans for exports.


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