Jean Todt is not buying team Toro Rosso. He is not running for FIA President either. So the legendary former Ferrari F1 team princial says.

Following his departure as team principal of Scuderia Marlboro Ferrari, rumours have been doing the rounds about Jean Todt possibly running for the presidency of the FIA, motorsport’s governing body. Current FIA president is expected to step down at the next election in 2009. Todt has been a “free” agent ever since he left Ferrari as both team principal and CEO of its road automotive concern. He does remain on the board of directors.

"Max Mosley is a great FIA president and a good friend. I really hope that he will remain in the office for a long time to come," said the well-respected Frenchman. "I know that he is considered to be controversial, but in my eyes he has been excellent for the sport".

"So much nonsense goes around in this business," he said at the Malaysian GP. "I hear that I am going to buy Toro Rosso, for instance. Gerhard Berger is a good friend, but we have never spoken about this. I heard that I will be presented as a team owner in Bahrain -- nonsense!"

"We live in a world where people prefer to complicate things when they are simple," he added.

Todt came to major worldwide prominence when he hired Michael Schumacher in 1995, along with strategist Ross Brawn and South African car design whizz Rory Byrne. The team produced the most dominant force in motor racing history, winning 6 consecutive contructors’ championships, 5 drivers’ championships, and well over 50 race wins.