Ferrari will present a new entry level model at the Paris Motor Show this year. Whether the Italian automaker will call it Dino or not, here is the South Africa's designer Idries Noah on what it can be like. Check it out!

This year’s edition of the Paris Motors Show already has its main attraction: a new entry level Ferrari model that, meanwhile, is being called Dino, not only because it will be the cheapest option the Italian automaker will offer, but also because it could have a V6 engine. If this information was confirmed, this is what the car could look like, according to the South Africa’s designer Idries Noah. And he has named it the F250 Concept.

The 250 of the name is no homage to Ford’s F-Series, but a reference to the engine Noah has imagined for the car, a 2,5-litre V6 that also runs on ethanol (a real possibility, considering Ferrari’s F430 Spider Bio Fuel Concept), and a reference to the 250 GTO. Our sources inform that the car will use another engine, though: a V8 pumping out 400 hp.

If the engine happens to be different from what Noah has imagined, most of the other ideas will surely be the same, such as the mid-rear engine position and the rear wheel drive propulsion system.

Since the F250 Concept is a product of Noah’s imagination, the real vehicle will possibly look very different from this one, but it is nice for us to have a glimpse of the many appearances it may have. This one would surely honor Ferrari’s fame for beautiful cars. Let’s hope the real thing does even better.

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