Is it possible to have a classic looking car with modern mechanics? Check out the Creative Workshop Sport Speciale, with its fuel-injectec BMW V12 delivering 451 hp, and tell us if it is not.

Is it possible to have a classic car with modern mechanics and behavior? The Bentley S3 E Design Concept has already proven it is, but there is at least one more example of that possibility, and a more original one: the Creative Workshop Sport Speciale. It is a pity it is a one-of-a-kind vehicle, and it already has its owners, Barry and Lynn Smith, from Scottsdale.

Look at these pictures and tell us if this automobile doesn’t seem to have just left one of the 1950’s classic competitions Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss used to show their talents on. Well, if it was, talent would not be the only thing these fantastic pilots would have in their favour. They would also count on a modern fuel-injected BMW V12 delivering 451 hp, guided by a six-speed transmition, and 1,012 kg to carry (45% over the front axle and 55% over the rear axle), considering only the car. If they were already unbeatable, what would a Sport Speciale do for them?

The engine is not the only modern thing about this classic looking vehicle, inspired in marvelous machines such as the Ferrari TR59/60, the Aston Martin DBR1 and the Maserati 450S. The Sport Speciale also counts on Brembo and Wilwood racing disc brakes, adjustable suspension arms and slip traction control. The retro touches, on the other hand, are also given by the Veglia gauges, Marchal and Carello lights and the fantastic Nardi steering wheel, among other details.

Will this vehicle have even a little production? Probably not, but it would surely have many buyers interested in a unit. Barry and Lynn Smith will receive many offers in the years to come.

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