German tuner Väth ups the power rating on the E63 AMG Wagon from 514 to 580 hp and takes torque to a more than ample 770 Nm.

German tuner Väth has a package for the Mercedes E 63 AMG Wagon W211. They call it the V63 RS. And if you buy it, do be prepared to need the better part of an afternoon just to tell anyone who asks what the name of the car is - a Väth V63 RS Mercedes E 63 AMG Wagon W211. Got that?

The Hoesbach-based tuner does its thing to take the E 63's horsepower rating from 514 to 580 and raise torque to a more than ample 770 Nm. That includes, along with a few engine management tricks, a new sports exhaust system with new manifolds, catalytic converter and a stainless steel muffler.

The tuning package also includes a suspension lowering of 35 mm, 390 mm brake disks, a 6-piston fixed caliper system for the front axle and 20-inch alloy wheels with 245 tires at the front and 285's at the back. A carbon fiber front lip and rear diffuser also help provide additional aerodynamic downforce on the E63 AMG.

Interior finish also features extensive use of carbon paneling as well as a fitting Alcantara lining.

In Germany, the Mercedes wagon is called the T-model. A fun fact to know, yes. Sort of brings to mind the Model-T, which Henry Ford famously said was available in any color the customer wanted as long as it was black. And this ultra-modern T-model certainly looks good in black.

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