Citroen's new C3 was spotted on the street in what appears to be production trim by a World Car Fans reader.

WCF reader Marius was quick on the draw when he spotted a new Citroen C3 on the street in Deauville, France. The car's surprise release last week, prior to the expected Frankfurt Motor Show debut, seems to have been accompanied by a few vehicles leaving the factory, possibly for media evaluations. There's no telling how this C3 ended up on what appears to be a humble residential street, however.

Whatever the reason, the C3 is scheduled to go on sale in November, but Marius caught one on the street and undisguised. His photos show of the "Zenith" windshield and may answer a design question about the rear bumper. The vehicle shown has a body-color bumper; assuming this is a production vehicle, this answers the question as to if the rear bumper would be partially black, or sport full paint.

Thanks for the shots, Marius!


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