Milano design echoes its younger sibling the MiTo with a few distinct touches of its own. Engines expected include a 1.4 liter TJet turbocharged petrol engine with both a 120 and 158 hp variant. Also on hand may be a 1.75 liter turbo with around 200 hp.

Here we get our first unobstructed look at the upcoming Alfa Romeo Milano, the model set to replace the outgoing 147 in the Italian brand's model lineup.

These pics, likely shot on a mobile phone camera, were placed on Facebook by an intrepid soul and have now made their way across the web for all to have a look-see.

The Milano's design clearly echoes its little sibling, the Alfa Romeo MiTo, with the oval headlights and sharp bonnet. But it also references Alfa 8C Competizione, along with having a few distinct touches of its own, particularly in the rear-end design.

We also get a peek at the inside and see Alfa Romeo holding fast to its traditional cabin design of circular instrumentation panels evoking that Italian sports car aesthetic we've come to expect of the brand.

The Milano will be built on the Fiat Group's C and D platform, or the C-Evo in internal Fiat parlance. It will come with a choice of several diesel and gasoline/petrol engines including the Fiat Group's 1.4 liter TJet turbocharged engine in both a 120 and 158 hp configuration. Also on hand to top-off the engine range will likely be a 1.75 liter turbocharged 4-banger with somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 hp.

The model is expected to be launched in Europe either late this year or in early 2010.

Nice looking set of wheels. Hey, you don't not buy an Alfa Romeo because it doesn't look good.


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