MUGEN EURO, a division of MUGEN of Japan, is currently testing a prototype of a car based on the Civic Type R. Not yet planned for production the car will get more power and torque, possibly over 240hp.

"In standard trim, the Civic Type R is a thrilling machine to drive," said Hiro Toyoda, Vice President of MUGEN EURO. "It is a fantastic base model from which we hope to develop one of the quickest point to point front-wheel-drive road cars in the country."

Toyoda san is referring to a prototype of a MUGEN EURO-developed Type R which is still in concept stage. MUGEN EURO is a subsidiary of the tuner with the same name but is based in Northampton, UK.

The car is being run on the same powertrain as the 2007 Civic MUGEN RR from Japan but will have its power and torque increased. That model had 240hp (177kW), was 10kg lighter than the standard model and was limited to only 300 units.

The brakes, the exhaust and suspension system are also being improved. Looks have been enhanced with a more purposeful aerodynamic kit that includes a larger rear boot spoiler.

No confirmation as to whether MUGEN EURO will eventually produce a customer car out of this prototype or not. For the moment UK fans will have to be content with the Civic Type-R (FN2R).


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