Stylish, expressive Renault Laguna GT introduces the new Active Drive chassis with four-wheel steering (4WS), developed jointly by Renault and Renault Sport Technologies

Renault proudly presented the GT model of their successful Laguna range at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, time to bring further details of the sporty Laguna.

The new Renault Laguna has already been ordered by more than 50,000 people across Western Europe, allowing Renault to grab a larger market share in spite of the renewed models in the shrinking segment.

The new Renault Laguna GT Saloon and Estate is powered by either a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine producing 205 hp or a 2.0 liter dCi diesel putting out 180 hp. Top speed is clocked at 232 km/h for the saloon while the estate managed 222 km/h, 0 to 100 km/h should take the saloon about 8 seconds while the estate requires about 8,5 seconds.

But more interesting than the bespoke engines is the Active Drive chassis. This new chassis features a four-wheel-steering system (4WS) to give the driver more manoeuvrability and steering precision. In the city the Active Chassis delivers a shorter turning circle, namely 10.80 meters, the same as the Renault Clio.

The new Renault Laguna GT is scheduled to go on sale in France early next month, with the rest of Europe following this summer.

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