Our Artist Impression of the next Mercedes-Benz E-Class Reveals Diamond Shapes, Sharp Curves. Merc seems to be ditching the rounded lines for a sharper image, more kinky lines.

Brand spanking new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is due to go on sale in mid-2010, but as per normal the frenzy of spy pics has been feeding upon itself for months yet. Of course WCF has been at thecutting edge of this frenzy, and with that same spirit we bring you these renderings of what the E-Class will probably look like when it hits the market.

Merc has demonstrated with their current crop of cars that they are ready for a design change. Sharper lines, more kink around the edges have signaled a harder approach to Merc, a sign that the world’s oldest luxury car maker is going aggressively at the younger market. Even their ad campaigns are a showcase of youth. Why C-Class is now sold as “your car, not your dad’s” for example.

E-Class is expected to debut a few new technologies for its segment, while existing ones including Bluetech and Diesotto, are to make an even bigger presence. Engines worn on the two body styles saloon and estate as proper, will be petrol-based, diesel-bound, hybrid-origin and a surprise fuel mix. The AMG performance version of the E-Class will for the first time, surpass 400kW/ 536 bhp.

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