After its debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show the SPORTEC SPR1 T80 has now shown its true colours. And those colours are worth a full compliment of 858 ponies and top whack of over 380km/h.

The SPORTEC SPR1 T80 is one quick car. While based on the Porsche 997 the SPR1 T80 will most certainly show the factory unit its massive rear spoiler should it come to that. Using the 3.6-litre bi-turbo flat six, SPORTEC went to the workshop with something making around 350kW (476hp) and came out with a 640kW (858bhp) hurricane. The maximum torque is 870Nm at 4,800rpm and is split within all four wheels via the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Full use of the launch control system that includes a limited slip differential sees the car leap from 0 - 62mph in 3 seconds flat, with the 300km/h indicator coming up in just 18.9 seconds and the top speed is more than 380km/h. This was achieved at Nardo in Italy.

Exterior accessories include kit such as 20-inch forged alloy wheels (255/30R20 front and 345/25/ZR20 rear tyres), a sunroof, bi-xenon headlights, fog lights, a carbon fiber rear wing, ceramic brakes and a road-illegal motorsport exhaust system.

The interior features electric windows, remote central locking, a heated rear window, a removable rear cross brace in safety roll cage, sport seats and a complete leather/alcantara interior.

Options are bountiful and include a satellite navigation system, a multifunction steering wheel, a hi-fi system, air conditioning and a fully customised interior. It can also be specced with an active suspension and an adjustable rear spoiler, depending on the package chosen.

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