Both the BMW 750i and 750Li with xDrive will start shipping to the US this autumn. The AWD system is said to be best in class and can transfer up to 80% of torque to the rear wheels for better handling.

From now on, rich people in Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit and Alaska will be able to indulge in a BMW 7 Series that is fitted with xDrive AWD. These icy places and the rest of the US will begin receiving shipments of the 750i and 750Li with xDrive this autumn. Both cars are powered by the 4.4-litre V8 twin turbo petrol engine producing 408hp (300kW). It is the first time that xDrive has been fitted to the range-topping BMW model since its inception in the first-generation X5.

BMW says the FlexRay on-board network, xDrive and the Integrated Chassis Management all contribute to making the car handle better than any of its kind in its class. These systems also limit understeer by moving up to 80% of torque to the rear.

ICM then applies a precise mix of throttle and individual rear-corner braking so as to maintain neutral handling around corners and bends. It does this on any road surface.

BMW recently announced the availability of the M Sports Package for the 7 Series for owners who want even more exclusivity for their cars. It also announced the 740d with 225kW (306hp) and 600Nm, however this model has not been confirmed for future availability in the States.


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