Fernando Alonso fuelled speculation of a Ferrari pre-contract this past Sunday when he told a local newspaper that 'Ferrari has one of the best cars' and that he always wants to be in the best car.

Formula One double world champion Fernando Alonso has ruled himself in with a chance at team Ferrari with suggestions that Felipe Massa is making too many mistakes on the track, and is thus at risk of losing his contract with the F1 champions. Rumours have been flying about of Alonso having a pre-contract with Ferrari for 2010, possibly even earlier.

Speaking after Sunday’s race in Malaysia, Alonso said to newspaper Diario AS: "It is too early to talk about team transfers, but Massa has had two bad races with errors and it is logical that people are talking about Vettel and me."

Alonso was referring to Massa’s spin in Australia as well as his inexplicable rear-to-front that cost him a podium this past Sunday. It is possible that the young Brazilian is struggling to handle a 700+ bhp car with no traction control. Should this be the case then his European races could spell slippery trouble when the rainy season begins.

Alonso did admit though, that being the best car was a major focus for his racing. "I always want to be in the best car in the field. I am driving for Renault now because I won here in 2005 and 2006 and want to do it again, if not this year, then the next. It is clear that Ferrari has one of the best cars already".