An artist's impression of what a Renault Clio RS by Gordini could look like has been penned by Frenchman Thomas Clevet. It features lots of air intakes and a bare interior.

Here is a new artist impression of what a Renault Clio RS by Gordini could look like. The sketches are based on the current Clio RS but an extensive rework has been done by the French designer Thomas Clavet.

The exterior features a new front fascia and enlarged air intake pockets located just beneath the headlights. Perched on the roof is an interesting looking triangular carbon fiber air scoop. Even the rear wheel arches get their own air vents as well. The rear spoiler and air diffuser accentuate the triangular centrally-located exhaust pipes. Harking back to Gordinis of the past are two round secondary headlights at the centre of the grille with the signature Gordini double white stripes running down the left side.

The interior is the epitome of a minimalistic approach to design. Only the polycarbonate glazed glass, window net and the roll bar are the standard features. All this and its obvious lightness make the Gordini Clio RS a potentially damaging racing instrument.

Renault confirmed that it will return the Gordini name to market in 2010, beginning with the Twingo Gordini. The Gordini range will be positioned below the RenaultSport range and give customers an extensively wide personalisation programme. The cars will also come in the typical Gordini blue paint colour and two white stripes.


Renault Clio RS Gordini artist interpretation