Carlos Gracia, the highest ranking Spanish motor racing official and an FIA World Council member, doubts the federation's president Max Mosley is grooming Jean Todt to succeed him.

Rumours indicate that Mosley is positioning either for a fifth consecutive term as FIA president or preparing the ground for the entrance of Todt, the former Ferrari chief.

But Gracia, who also does not rule out making his own tilt for the presidency, said: "Unless Max has gone even more mad I don't think he'll back Jean Todt because we all know where he comes from and who he's linked to."

Also rumoured in recent days was that some of Mosley's staunchest supporters, like Gracia, would come out and publicly back Mosley's claim that the FIA is enraged by the aftermath of the FOTA peace deal.

"What Luca di Montezemolo has done shows a total lack of respect to FIA and the World Council," Gracia told Spain's Onda Cero radio, repeating almost verbatim Mosley's comments that the rebel teams did the equivalent of "dancing on his grave".

"I don't support Max Mosley to the death, but what I am totally in favour of, to the death, is respect for our institutions," he added.

"It wouldn't surprise me if Max Mosley runs for re-election," Gracia continued. "The worst thing you can do is leave an animal badly wounded. What Luca has managed to do is reactivate Max."


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