The 2010 debut of the new Spanish formula one entrant Campos is still on track despite the scrapping of budget cap rules.

The Spanish outfit signed up for next year's championship on the basis of the FIA's published regulations to limit technical spending to 45m euros per team per season.

But according to Gian Paolo Dallara, boss of the Italian racing car design outfit bearing his name, news of the FIA's agreement with FOTA has not put a spanner in the works of the Campos project.

"We are continuing as if nothing had happened," he told GP Week, explaining that the design of the 2010 Campos-Dallara began three months ago.

Despite the published 2010 technical regulations, it seems Dallara took the (ultimately correct) gamble that the 'two tier' elements of the rules would ultimately not proceed.

"Our car will be 2WD without the possibility to refuel and without KERS. We have worked on 2009 specification adding the extra fuel capacity required for 2010," said the 72-year-old.

Dallara, last involved in F1 with Midland in 2006, said a team of 40 engineers, to expand to 80 in the near future, are currently working on the Campos car at his Parma headquarters.

Of the other two new teams, US F1 insists the budget cap axe makes no difference to its plans, while Manor admits the events of the past week has made its preparations for 2010 "more difficult".



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