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Although this year's rules are to now remain essentially in place in 2010, the proposed ban on in-race refuelling will still be introduced.

As peace between FOTA and the FIA was declared last Wednesday, the World Motor Sport Council agreed that "the rules for 2010 onwards will be the 2009 regulations".

But as teams had already begun the foundations of their 2010 cars based on the impending refuelling ban, that rule will be introduced as scheduled, McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh told Holland's Formule 1 Race Report.

"I am certain that the refuelling ban is coming in," the Briton said. "We all agreed that at an early stage, because it is fundamental to the design of the car."

Whitmarsh admitted that McLaren is one such team that has now finalised the basic concept of the 2010 car on the basis of a much larger fuel tank.

He also said some other elements of the 2010 technical regulations are still yet to be finalised.


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