The Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 has rear-wheel-drive, spits out 550hp, and has shed 30kg of excess fat. These leaked pictures could be of this raging bull.

Lamborghini is said to be undertaking a rear-wheel-drive project by the name of Gallardo LP550-2. If these leaked pictures show that car then fans of the bull are in for a real treat. The LP550-2 as the designation suggests, is built on a RWD system instead of Lambo's usual AWD layout.

Power comes from the 5.2-litre normally aspirated V10 engine but has been detuned to make 550hp (405kW) and not 560hp (412kW) like the LP560-4. A 6-speed manual gearbox comes standard. Don't let that minor power cut dissuade you from forming high opinions of the car though; it has shed 30kg (66 lbs) and dispatches the 0 - 100km/h sprint in 3.9 seconds.

Those 30kgs lost are matched with a 10% price cut and a limited run of 250 units worldwide. A total of eight exterior colours will have owners salivating over which one to choose. Included with those is a special white livery.

An AWD Italian bull rushing over 500 stallions from under the bonnet is no child's play at full glory. One with no AWD safety net is something only a few should attempt to play with.