Audi will make a huge splash at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed. Its motorsports heritage will be on full display, and so will new models like the TT RS and R8 V10.

A massive automotive ‘monument' in front of Goodwood House will form part of Audi's 100 year celebrations at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (3 to 5 July). The art installation is still under construction and Audi says once it is finished it will represent "one of the most ambitious and striking sculptures ever constructed for the Festival." Included here is the teaser image thereof.

This is the second time Audi has marked a significant milestone in its history at this particular festival. In 1999 the company's 90 year celebrations were honoured when an Auto Union Streamliner and the Avus quattro concept car perched on the embankment as a recollection of the famous Avus race track banking.

Since then Audi has become a significant player in the premium segment, making cars that attract people in a variety of markets, from the small A3 range right up to the A8 and the Q7 SUV. The brand is also well-represented in various motorsports including the gruelling Le Mans 24 Hour where it achieved an eleventh successive podium a few weeks ago.

The Le Mans 24 Hours will form a good part of the Audi celebrations. The winning Audi R10 TDI will be on display and so will this year's third-placed R15 TDI. Drivers associated with the company in the past and present were invited. Lucky attendees should spot the likes of Walter Rohl, Allan McNish, Hannu Mikkola, Stig Blomqvist, Emanuele Pirro as well as Frank Biela as they do their rounds at Goodwood.

Audi will be using the Festival to introduce the public to some of its upcoming new range with cars like the A1 concept car, the A5 Cabriolet, the TT RS and the brawny R8 V10.


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