VW is going back into the light pickup market with something likely to recall the Taro name. Set to sell in 2009.

The rendered Volkswagen pickup shown here, is the Taro, or at least that’s what we reckon VW will name it. Taro you’ll remember was one of those success stories that never happened for VW as a joint venture between it and Toyota. This time VW is going it alone, aiming to produce it at its plants in South Africa, Argentina and Germany for the various world markets. The new Porsche, owners of VW, are keen to further expand the mass-product company’s earthly footprint as product differentiation keeps to schedule.

A number of derivatives and engines – petrol and diesel – for this will come to the fore, including 4x4 options, double-cab, and club-cabs. For VW to take Toyota head-on they need a vehicle of this sort. Toyota’s Hilux is constantly one of the highest selling vehicles in almost every market in which it competes. But perhaps VW is looking slightly further upfield, at a vehicle like the Nissan Navara for competition.

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