Renault is releasing a few new special editions, and will introduce them at a Silverstone racing event next month. Check out the story for full details

Renault has announced two new special editions, according to a company press release.  The Renault Clio World Series and Renault Megane World Series will be shown off for the first time at Silverstone over the July 4th weekend.  The Megane special edition will be available as both a hatchback and coupe.

Racing fans know the World Series by Renault as a tour that visits ten countries annually.  The tournament officially began in 2005, but roots of the event dates back to the 1998 creation of Open Fortuna by Nissan.  Next month's event at Silverstone is a free festival expected to pull in over 100,000 people.

The Clio model is based on the Dynamique trim level.  The three-door unit is definitely available, although we have not been able to confirm if the edition extends to the five-door model.  Equipment includes a bigger front spoiler, side skirts, and a sporty style rear bumper.  A few different engines are available, with pricing beginning at £12,170.  Renault claims this to be a savings of £680 if the mods were purchased separately.  Check out the press release for the specific prices for each available engine choice.

Similar modifications are included on bothe Coupe models, with each also getting new 17-inch alloy wheels.  The hatch also gets a six-speed manual, and "Coupé-style bumper inserts," leading to a combined total that is £1,190 less than the cost of the individual equipment.  Customers choosing the Coupe will save £940.

Orders will be taken across the UK beginning on July 1st.  You can view the car, or take it out for a test drive, beginning July 6th.  For more details make sure you read the press release below.

Renault Clio and Megane World Series special editions unveiled for UK