Finally, an Aston Martin we can all afford.

Aston Martin’s first entirely electric car will be the RapidE scheduled to come out in 2019, but the manufacturer from Gaydon already has a zero-emissions vehicle to call its own. It’s a special edition of the V8 Vantage GTE that triumphed earlier this year at the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans. It doesn’t have an electric powertrain, nor does it run on hydrogen, yet it still does not pollute the environment and stays silent all of the time. Yes, it’s a soapbox car, so it uses gravity as a source of fuel.

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The miniaturized V8 Vantage GTE was created specifically for the Red Bull Soapbox Race scheduled for tomorrow at the Alexandra Palace in London, U.K. Aston Martin personnel will attend the “24 Seconds of Le Ally Pally” event and tackle the corners using a gravity-propelled vehicle. Though AM has a strong partnership with Red Bull Racing, the British sports car marque has made the promise the race will be entirely fair as it won’t ask the energy drink brand for any favors to tip the balance.

Speed won’t be the only factor that will be taken into consideration during Sunday’s race as the designs of these adorable soapbox race cars will also play an important role. British drivers Darren Turner and Jonny Adam, winners at the endurance race, will take care of the showmanship aspect, which will also count in the outcome of the competition. The duo will do its best to support Aston Martin’s Prototype Operations Senior Engineer, Alex Summers, who will be behind the wheel of the downsized and motorless Vantage GTE transformed into a convertible.

Despite lacking the soundtrack provided by the race car’s V8, the soapbox is still pretty cool and even has a fake fuel cap where you would normally feed the thirsty engine on the real deal.

Source: Aston Martin

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