What used to be the trailer of racing team Lukas Motorsports is now basically a modern living room on wheels, a spacious one at that. Carlex Design was responsible for overhauling the trailer’s interior to give it a more soothing ambiance thanks to the abundance of LED ambient lights. Gone is the Polish racing team’s GT3-spec Porsche 911 as now the inside of the trailer is all about providing a relaxing atmosphere we’re sure many would want to have in their houses.

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The first thing you’ll probably notice upon entering the trailer is going to be the big TV, but that’s just part of the story. The large sofa provides a bit of a contrasting effect thanks to the orange leather combined with a dark look that matches the table in front of it as well as the walls. Two additional sofas facing each other have been installed on the upper level of the trailer and they flank a bigger shiny table.

The skilled folks from Carlex Design even did the bathroom and they’ve decided to keep it simple and modern with metallic surfaces combined with glossy floor and wall tiles.

Having to cover such a large area, it goes without saying this was a pretty expensive customization project. No word about the final bill, but we have a feeling it was considerably costlier to modify the trailer’s interior than the Ford Mustang GT’s cabin spruced up by the same Carlex Design. They would probably be good at modifying the interiors of houses, apartments, offices, and so on, though we want them to focus on cars (and maybe trailers) in order to have the pleasure of sharing these eye-candy images.

Source: Carlex Design

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