That’s not how launch mode is supposed to work.

What just happened here? Seriously, take another look at this video if you haven’t already. It comes to us from Dash Cam Owners Australia, and there appears to be no logical explanation for why this fourth-generation Toyota Supra makes a sudden hard left. The result of that action sends the coveted 1990s Japanese classic into an embankment, which then sends the car airborne in a manner that would make the Duke boys jealous.

According to the video description, the driver was a “young lad” and he was apparently okay. And actually, considering how high and far the Supra flew, the still shots at the end of the video suggest the car isn’t that beat up. It’s hard to see details, but the glass appears intact and there are no obvious creases in the roof or rear pillar which could indicate unibody damage. It’s a safe bet that the suspension and front clip are toast, especially since the airbag is obviously deployed. We can also see some body damage just behind the door but still, it looks like this Supra could be saved.

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But how did this happen in the first place? The obvious answer is that he tried to make a last-second left turn onto the side road and catastrophically failed. Looking closer, however, it appears the car is past the intersection before it starts to slide. If the driver did expect to make the corner, he has neither a proper understanding of physics, nor the handling characteristics of a Mk IV Supra. Yes, it’s a cool car with an amazing engine, but they aren’t what you’d call responsive in the bends.

Whether it was a mechanical failure, something in the road, or just a very bad decision, the driver is at least okay and the Supra looks as though it could live to see another day.

Source: Autoevolution, Dash Cam Owners Australia

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