AMG is launching the AMG Driving Academy in the US this September. Participants will get to choose from three tracks and three courses, which could land them behind the steering wheel of the new SLS AMG.

AMG enthusiasts lucky enough to live in the US and pocketed enough to afford track training fees upwards of US$2,200 can get their hands on the brand new SLS AMG for a few hours. The AMG Driving Academy is being launched Stateside over three tracks; Lime Rock Park (Lime Rock, CT) - September 9 - 15, Palm Beach International Raceway (West Palm Beach, FL) - September 22 - 27 and Laguna Seca Raceway (Monterey, CA) - November 7 - 8 and 17 - 20.

Founded in Affalterbach in 2007 the academy aims to stimulate customers' senses through the experience of driving their favourite AMGs around a controlled and safe environment under the guidance of professionals.

Cars to be used are the E63 AMG, the SL63 AMG, the C63 AMG, the SLK55 AMG and the CLK63 AMG Black Series. The main treat is of course the SLS AMG course which is conducted at Laguna Seca Raceway, includes an overnight stay at the InterContinental Hotel in Monterey and costs US$2,295.

There are two other programmes on offer. The AMG Driving Academy Stage I is a one-day course that teaches the fundamentals of performance driving and car control. Students will get a chance to test their skills later in the day. Expect to pay US$1,895 per person.

Lastly participants can go with the AMG Driving Academy Stage II two-day programme that gets quite technical and in-depth. Drivers will only be allowed to enrol if they have completed the first stage or something similar. It will cost US$3,495 per participant.

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