Corvette C6 Competition is being made available in Europe, 6.2 V8 and everything. Exclusive 'vette power for Europe comes with exclusive power dressing.

As from April a new cyclone is up for sale at the nearest European Corvette dealer. The Corvette Competition, which pays loose homage to the C6 race car, will be in full show for those wanting something a little out of the ordinary. Further, very few extras are available so as to limit the vehicle’s mass. Hoisting its 19-inch wheels (18-inch at the front) forward is that 6.2-litre V8 engine that sits in quite well with a 6-speed gearbox. Thus the rear spoiler, which has been lent by the Z06, came into play to stop Corvette from becoming a flying machine. The five double-spoke alloys are coloured Competition grey.

Similarities with the race car are the honeycomb air scoops on the grille as well as those between the mean pipes at the rear. Of course such special editions don’t come mass-produced, so this will also be available only in limited numbers. Strangely the car is meant to celebrate the start of the American Le Mans Series, yet Europe is getting it.

Corvette C6 Competition edition