200 hp is becoming the norm in the Hot Hatch Pack so expect fords next Fiesta to spawn a 200hp RS version to keep up.

With the new arrival of Ford’s baby Fiesta comes the promise of more sporty variants. Recently in Europe, Ford has labelled its “warm” vehicles as ST’s and its “hot” vehicles as RS’s. The fact is Ford has only had one RS variant in the last few years and that was based on the previous C170 Focus.

The RS will be essentially an intense version of the new ST Fiesta. The current ST Fiesta is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0L 4 cylinder engine producing 150ps, there was never an RS version of the current Fiesta but that is set to change. According to AutoExpress.co.uk the new Fiesta ST will probably be powered by a new direct injection 1.6L turbocharged engine. Turbocharged engines are relatively easy to tune for greater power and torque outputs and it is this upgraded ST engine which will power the Fiesta RS.

To compete with the current crop of hot hatches such as the Honda Civic Type-R and the Renault Clio 197, the Fiesta RS will have to deliver somewhere in the region of 200hp. There was a time when 200hp would overwhelm the average front wheel drive (FWD) chassis but advances in vehicle dynamics has made 200hp and FWD the norm, so don’t expect a four wheel drive drivetrain in the new RS. Rumour has that even the upcoming 280ps plus Focus RS will stick with front wheel drive such is the confidence of Ford’s chassis guru’s.

Expect a wider track, stiffer springs and even the possibility of Ford’s twin clutch paddle shifter semi auto gearbox for that authentic rally experience. 

For more renderings click the AutoExpress.co.uk source link below.

Ford Fiesta RS with 200 bhp