Announcing WCF PRO - sneak preview

Since the beginning of WCF one of the most common complaints we receive is about the banner ads. For years WCF readers have been telling us there are too many and they are too intrusive. We couldn't agree more. Getting rid of the banner ads would clean up the appearance, make WCF more efficient to navigate as well as make the site load faster. Also, removing the banner ads would allow us to streamline our photo galleries with Flash based controls and full screen hi-resolution images with a click of a button. However, like any publication, WCF depends on advertisements to sustain its operations. Therefore, the possibility of an ad-free WCF has never been possible... until now.

In addition to the standard WCF site you see today, starting some time this summer we plan to launch WCF PRO, an enhanced version of WCF that has several features. They include:

  • fast loading AD-FREE site (except videos)

  • fast flash photo galleries

  • super high-res photo sizes (1600 pixel width – whenever possible)

  • batch photo download

  • VIP member status within WCF Social community

  • Formula 1 high-res photos (1200 pixel width – whenever possible)

  • Formula 1 Pitbabes high-res photos (1200 pixel width)

Perhaps you've already noticed, this article page is a sample of what will be offered in WCF PRO. In addition to the absence of banner ads, the photo album is now positioned at the top with fast scrolling thumbnails which are controlled simply by hovering your mouse. One click and the entire album goes full screen with super high-res images. On this article page just above the photo album is a link to download all images in the album via a pre-prepared zip file.

Since the end of 2008, WCF has been covering Formula 1 quite heavily with approximately 10 stories per day. As one of the first content enhancements for WCF PRO we are proud to announce the addition of professional F1 photography in high-res with most F1 stories.

To compensate for the lack of ad revenue, access to WCF PRO will be on a monthly subscription basis only. More details regarding pricing options will be announced at launch.

The WCF PRO features listed above represent the initial base package. Hopefully, if well received by WCF readers, additional exclusive content such as supercar test drives and videos as well as exclusive spy photos will be added.

WCF PRO is intended as an alternate viewing option for those who wish to have an enhanced WCF experience. The standard ad supported WCF site as you see it today will remain the same.

As always, we depend on your feedback. Please sign in and add your comments below and tell us what you think about the WCF PRO concept. We also welcome your emails via: feedback[at]

Note: If you are having difficulties viewing the flash gallery please make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player 10 plugin installed in your browser.  If difficulties continue please let us know what operating sytem and browser version you are using.


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