Maude Bouladier hit 210 mph in the half-mile with a 2015 Huracan tuned by Heffner Performance.

200 miles per hour in a car is damn fast, but in the age of 300-horsepower minivans, 600-horsepower pony cars and 1000-horsepower supercars, it’s not quite the milestone it used to be. In fact, the Lamborghini Huracan can hit 201 mph right out of the box, and these days it’s one of the slower supercars out there.

This particular bright pink 2015 Lamborghini Huracan isn’t right out of the box. It can at least reach 210 mph, and likely quite a bit more. We say at least because a lady by the name of Maude Bouladier recently hit 210 mph in just a half-mile at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack racing event – setting a new half-mile women’s speed record in the process.


Women's half-mile speed record


The car in question is twin-turbocharged monster, having been tuned by Heffner Performance to make an estimated 2,000 horsepower. It’s part of the OB Prestige Auto Racing Team, which hails from Quebec and includes a high-end auto dealership that, among other things, sells Lamborghinis. The team made the trek to Colorado for the event, and Ms. Bouladier fancied a go behind the wheel.

According to the video, the Lambo had already made a 214-mph pass in the hands of OB Prestige’s racing driver. We don’t know Bouladier's racing background – in the video it’s reported that “she’s pretty new to big powered cars,” but she’s obviously spent some time in the driver’s seat going fast. Aside from simply managing that much horsepower, it takes no small amount of finesse to get that kind of power to the wheels without nuking the clutch. After a couple test runs in the shotgun seat, Bouladier slipped behind the wheel, gave it the beans, and landed in the record books with a top-speed few people will ever realize in a car.


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It’s not a gender issue here; there are all kinds of amazing women in motorsports and they’re just as capable as anyone of going fast and nailing apexes. Racing is undeniably a male-dominated sport, so when a blonde in a pink supercar scores a speed record, people notice. We hope more ladies follow Bouladier’s example, because there's plenty of room in the racing world for everyone. 

Source: Autoevolution, 1320Video, DuPont Registry


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