With an exhibiting area of 1500 square meters and up to 23 models, 2008 Auto China will be witnessing the largest and most ever celebrated Geely presence in an auto show.

Geely Headed Upmarket

The 10th edition of the Auto China car show will be taking kicking off on April 20 at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As is customary with all major car shows, new car rumors start the day the show fixes the dates, and this time Geely finds itself in the spotlight.

Geely, known for their low-cost cars, is headed upmarket with this new Geely GT, also referred to as the Geely Tiger. In a press release from last week, Geely announced that they will bring 23 models (and their derivatives) to the 2008 Auto China show, among which the Geely TG-1, A3, LG-3, FC-3, etc and has two days ago released a press release in Chinese announcing the Geely GT Concept. Geely said: 'The year 2008 holds great significance for Geely’s Internationalization, strategic transform and overall elevation of the competitiveness of Geely Brand.'

The Geely GT Concept is headlining at the Geely display, alongside 10 other Geely models. Geely chairman mr. Li Shufu said that the company will show a solid foundation and self-confidence, referring to the 4.9 meter long GT concept as a 'small Rolls-Royce', and comparing it to the Lorus Elise.

Geely also explains the differing logo on the hood of the GT concept, saying that the future of high-end models would not be possible without one. Which can only mean that Geely has a new brand in mind for its high-end customers, allowing the Geely brand to focus on the low-end models. The Geely GT should be seen in context to international R&D model development.

Official: Geely GT Planned for Auto China Show