This car should draw attention 24 hours a day.

The Gumball 3000 is as much about showing off as it is about performance, and this custom Porsche 911 GT3 RS should be quite a sight during the day and at night. The performance coupe features a neon chartreuse vinyl wrap that glows in the dark in a similar shade when the sun goes down.

Porsche 911 Glowing Wrap
Porsche 911 Glowing Wrap

The wrap’s layout came from American company Garb-Design, and the application was from Austrian tuner Blackbox-Richter. They call this creation the Light Tron 911. To make the glow-in-the-dark effect work, the company started with a white Porsche and coated in in matte black. Then there was a second layer of neon-yellow-green phosphor. A third application added black-white-reflex, and then the firm gave the body more black matte with gloss overlays. 

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According to Blackbox-Richter, the multiple layers of vinyl required a week to apply. The firm also accented the appearance with matching powder-coated wheels. In total, the work cost several thousand euros.

Porsche 911 Glowing Wrap

The neon 911 competes as part of the three-vehicle Wolfpack team, which includes another GT3 RS and an Audi R8 V10. In addition to the wraps, the Porsches have better flowing exhausts. The Audi has a new body kit and powder-coated wheels. 

This year’s Gumball 300 runs between Riga, Latvia, and Mykonos, Greece, from July 1 to 8.

Porsche currently has an update for the 911 GT3 RS under development. Spy shots reveal that the model takes the NACA-duct-covered front end from the recently revealed GT2 RS. The top naturally aspirated 911 might receive a 4.2-liter flat six instead of the current model's 4.0-liter unit. The extra displacement could push displacement to between 520 horsepower (388 kilowatts) and 550 hp (410 kW). A Weissach Package might let buyers to pay for an even lighter version of the already featherweight model. A debut of the refreshed GT3 RS is likely still a few months away because Porsche likely wants to continue riding the wave of press about the 690 hp (515 kW) GT2 RS.


Source: Blackbox-Richter

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Photos: Blackbox-Richter


Vinyl wrapping of automobiles has become almost commonplace, because of the advantages compared to a new coating. Though vinyl wrapping does not necessarily equal quality vinyl wrapping. Located in the Austrian Schardenberg, near the German border, Blackbox-Richter - operating in the field of vehicle vinyl wrapping and more - now presents a very special car wrap: the multiple vinyl wrap. For an everything but ordinary event – the 2017 Gumball-3000-Race – whose route starts in the Latvian capital Riga and leads to Mykonos in Greece, the Chief Executive Mingo RICHTER arranged spectacular vinyl wraps for three vehicles of the team “Wolfpack” - namely two Porsche 991 GT3 RS and a brand new Audi R8 V10.


Let's have a closer look at the vinyl wrap of one of the Porsche vehicles – fondly called “Light Tron 911”. First of all, the original white vehicle got a coating in black matte, followed by a second layer in neon-yellow-green phosphor.

Finally, a third coat with black-white-reflex, as well as black matte and glossy overlays have been applied.

 “Garb-Design” in the USA provided the layout which resulted in a true masterpiece by Blackbox-Richter. The vinyl wrap took a week and the fees amount to – including the powder coated rims – several thousand of Euros.


“Opening up” the exhaust systems of both Porsche vehicles have been the only additional conversion. The R8, in turn, was mounted with a front- and rear-spoiler, as well as side flaps at the front bumper and at the sill - made of carbon -, as well as white powder coated rims by P3 in Klagenfurt (Austria). It is almost sacrilegious to attend to this risky driving event – which in some visited countries is declared illegal – with these splendid showpieces.