Finally! After a year of waiting, we have some new information to share with you about the next generation BMW M5.

BMW plans to introduce a kinetic energy recovery system which should be seen on the F10 BMW M5, according to BMWBlog.  A BMW staffer and reader of that website says the new system is similar in design to one being developed by Ferrari, with the Italian automaker likely being the first to debut the project.

The BMW system uses F1 technology that allows the car to utilize energy that would otherwise be wasted.  In turn, this makes the vehicle more efficient, as the car will be built to either use the energy to produce more power, or allow the energy to be stored in the battery.  Electrical systems would then use more of the battery's power, and become less reliant on the engine.

However, it sounds as though BMW plans to use the KERS to provide power.  The source tells the blog that a F1-inspired manual boost will allow the driver to get the highest level of performance at will.  F1 drivers are allowed access to an 82 horsepower boost using recovered energy.

Also possible, is an engine capable of shutting down certain cylinders during city driving.  By shutting down cylinders, the engine will be more efficient during stop-and-go traffic situation.

Over a year ago, we told you that BMW was working on a successor to the 507 horsepower 5.0-liter V10 seen on the latest M5.  The thinking then was that the engine would be a 550+hp 5.5-liter V10 meant to rival the engine found on the Audi RS6.  The German automaker is supposedly working on a new turbocharged V10 based on the twin-scroll V8 turbo used in the X5 M.  The concept has two new cylinders added to that engine, developed to specifically turn on and off depending on the driving scenario.

Alternative reports also indicate the next M5 could use the 536 horsepower 4.4-liter V8 used on the X5M.  Potential transmissions include an advanced 8-speed sequential manual gearbox, or an updated version of the 8-speed dual-clutch.

It had been about a year since our last M5 update.  Although the F10 BMW M5 is not due out for about two years, we are hopeful that today's story is an indication that more news will begin to seep out.

Next Generation F10 BMW M5 Details Emerge