The Citroen DS4 and DS5 have been confirmed for production in the year 2011. At the same time Citroen says a DS3 production model will be exhibited at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Citroen plans to unveil a production version of the DS3 at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. The DS3 supermini, along with the DS4 and DS5 form part of the company's new line of upmarket cars. The latter two will appear at dealers in 2011. As their names suggest, the cars will share some basic architecture with their C3, C4 and C5 siblings respectively.

However, the three-door DS3 is based of the DS Inside concept and some of the latter's features like a vinyl roof option may be offered. The 2+2-seater DS4 on the other hand was inspired by the 2005 C-Sportlounge Concept. It is being described by Citroen designer Mark Lloyd as "a GT for the modern age". The C-Sportlounge was a sort of MPV coupe with some crossover appeal.

As for the DS5, that model could go after people looking for something like a BMW X6 but at a lesser price tag. Based on the Hypnos Concept of Paris 2008 the DS5 will use a diesel-hybrid engine as part of its powertrain offering. Although it will ditch the Hypnos' rear suicide doors it will still be radical in its own right.

Meanwhile Citroen says that production of the current C3 will end in November. At the same time the Pluriel will cease production as well but will not get a replacement model. Neither will the C2 for that matter, although a car inspired by the C-Cactus Concept could possibly replace it.

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